There are many successful entrepreneurs and self made millionaires that agree that the #1 thing that made them successful in business and in life is “consistency” most people think that if you fail in one business that means you should automatically quit and not try anything else. This is completely false, there are many successful people in business today that stumble upon life not knowing they were going to become successful.

Many who had 8-10 failed businesses and decided to continue and not quit a great example of one of these great stories is found in the owner and founder of GoPro. You know that little camera that many people wear in helmets while climbing mountains, riding bikes, surfing and any extreme sport.

I think there’s a big lesson in that video since the founder said it was a 10-year overnight success, it took a lot of hard work and consistency to get the right people and right resources to get to the level of success they currently have. This is what I mean by being consistent, consistency with an idea that you believe in and working hard to get where you want to get is important.

I hope my first post was helpful to you and get ready for many more…

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