I’m planning a trip to Cuba and found some interesting articles on noticias de cuba a blog that talks about how Cuba has change in terms of the problem of prostitution in the country. The recent history of prostitution in Cuba is linked to the political and economic developments that have taken place on the island.

Before 1959 Cuba was a brothel for the USA.


Before the triumph of the Revolution, Cuba was “the brothel of the United States.” Havana at the time was the most important city in the Caribbean, and became fashionable as a tourist destination of American upper classes. Not missing the essential complement of tourism: sex, alcohol and entertainment.

There were Cuban prostitutes and brothels had, but it is difficult today to know how many prostitutes had. For Castro there were many, because they justify the Revolution in the sorry state of affairs that had in Cuba: poverty, corruption, prostitution and US domination. American companies and gangsters controlled the country and prostitution was necessary for tourism in the country which came to the island.

For the anti-Castro had only a few, very few compared with those now on the regime of Fidel Castro.

With the triumph of the revolution, prostitution is over. The Castro regime that seized power abolished prostitution at a stroke and something that boasts it had redeemed the former prostitutes providing decent work, other taught a trade or profession and some had the opportunity of study at the university.

Coinciding with the triumph of Castro’s revolution in Cuba, takes place in the world called “Sexual Revolution”, the encyclopedia Wikipedia defines it as:

“The term sexual revolution refers to the profound change occurred in the second half of the twentieth century in the Western world for the conception of sexual morality and human sexual behavior in general. Popularly the term is identified with a liberalization of customs and increasing equality between the sexes starting from the 1960s and 1970s ”

These years of revolutionary fervor in Cuba were also years of great change in sexual morality and sexual behavior. If the Sexual Revolution triumphed fully somewhere, that was Cuba. There he temporized with the Castro revolution.

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