In Cuba there is a site dedicated to professional tattooing, its name is “The Brand”, and because of its work and popularity, it has become a trend or fashion in the Island, that tourists carry a souvenir or souvenir of their visit to The Island, but this time, they take it with them, precisely tattooed on their skin.

In Old Havana, Leo Canosa leader in the realization of these tattoos, expresses “our interest was to legitimize the tattoo in Cuba”.

The tattoos that are made are aesthetically original and are “Author Tattoos”; These premises are perhaps, the success and popularity, that has had the project of this Cuban and his collaborators.

Ailed Duarte, who is a collaborator of Leo and his wife, said that “the novelty and curiosity has helped us a lot, the clients have been very receptive, both Cubans and foreigners who visit us on the Island and come looking for a souvenir Different during your visit “

The tattoos that are realized in this space, comprise from drawings of the flag to the impressions in the skin of personages who have been enough famous like for example Frida Kahlo, they manifest their creators.

Tourists generally get tattooed on their skin, for example; Images of “mojito” combined with the word Habana; Bottles of rum that are adrift, sharks, sharks with hats, images of Cuban cigars, geometric figures, as well as very popular and famous cartoon characters, including one very popular from Cuba, such as Elpidio Valdez which is very well known in todo Cuba.

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