The United States has delivered on March 15 of 2.016 to publicize the flexibility that has been given regarding the use and exchange of its currency to the dollar and flexibility to travel to the island of Cuba.

With this statement the United States has removed barriers or obstacles that have existed on the island since the blockade imposed on Cuba by the government of the United States. This measure encourages further expand ties between the two countries.

United States announced that its inhabitants can, from now make trips to Cuba personal or individual type, so now any American citizen can legally go to Cuba, except to be indicated in the relevant forms for output USA that the trip will be for educational purposes and not for tourism purposes.

With this US hopes, to increase its market demand to be made according to projections for the coming months.

Among the new measures, there is also the power that will banks to perform and process all types of banking transactions coming from the government of Cuba in dollars. This prohibition was previously impossible to Cuba to make the purchase and sale of goods international type and was one of the biggest obstacles to the island. Now companies of US origin have access to any goods manufactured in Cuba.

The United States Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew; I note that this creates a greater empowerment and financial freedom to Cubans, besides strengthening ties and relations between Cuba and the United States.

And the President of the United States Obama, legalized authorization for the export of goods that are considered priority, such as parts and building components, agricultural machinery, among others.

Thus they are taking steps, with these relaxations released by President Obama, leading to strengthen the relationship between the two countries to solve and finally lift the embargo that keeps the United States to Cuba, something that as projects will not be fast, but it is the current intention of both nations. Learn more about Cuba by visiting todo cuba for daily news.

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