The governor of the US state of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has helped finalize the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the National Port Authority of Cuba and the Virginia Port Authority, which could help shorten the distances between the port of Mariel the Norfolk port in the United States.

The state of Virginia is not new to the scene of Cuba, since in the course of recent years has been in charge of selling millions of dollars of products to the island, and although not the only state in this business, if will become the first port operator in the US reaching an agreement of this kind with Cuba to increase direct trade.
The Panama Canal expansion project

McAuliffe said he hoped that soon, when it inaugurated the extension made to the Panama Canal, you can use the giant ships PostPanamax to carry different products to Virginia, and from there to Cuba, later to be transferred to other Latin American nations and the Caribbean.

These statements the governor made when he met in person the Mariel Special Development Zone, which is one of the biggest economic stakes that is making the Island recently.

However, it is important to remember that this signature is not a binding contract, since there are still restrictions of the blockade, to which the governor McAuliffe, who opposes completely the embargo and travel restrictions on Americans.

Hollywood could make a difference

Since the announcement that the film franchise, Fast and Furious, would make recordings in Cuba, different producers of film and television recording bet on the island, as it is the perfect stage productions.

Therefore, the “House of Lies” series made a recording on the island for the filming of the last chapter of his fifth season, especially in the capital, and are not the only ones, also Ozzy Osbourne with his son Jack engrave a project for the History Channel in Cuba. For example envios para cuba are now easier thanks to the Obama administration removing some of the restrictions.

There are many other productions that will see the light in Cuba because the island has become a popular destination since have been normalized bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States, which could influence, in a forceful way, at the end of the blockade.

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