In Cuba there is a site dedicated to professional tattooing, its name is “The Brand”, and because of its work and popularity, it has become a trend or fashion in the Island, that tourists carry a souvenir or souvenir of their visit to The Island, but this time, they take it with them, precisely tattooed on their skin.

In Old Havana, Leo Canosa leader in the realization of these tattoos, expresses “our interest was to legitimize the tattoo in Cuba”.

The tattoos that are made are aesthetically original and are “Author Tattoos”; These premises are perhaps, the success and popularity, that has had the project of this Cuban and his collaborators.

Ailed Duarte, who is a collaborator of Leo and his wife, said that “the novelty and curiosity has helped us a lot, the clients have been very receptive, both Cubans and foreigners who visit us on the Island and come looking for a souvenir Different during your visit “

The tattoos that are realized in this space, comprise from drawings of the flag to the impressions in the skin of personages who have been enough famous like for example Frida Kahlo, they manifest their creators.

Tourists generally get tattooed on their skin, for example; Images of “mojito” combined with the word Habana; Bottles of rum that are adrift, sharks, sharks with hats, images of Cuban cigars, geometric figures, as well as very popular and famous cartoon characters, including one very popular from Cuba, such as Elpidio Valdez which is very well known in todo Cuba.

The governor of the US state of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has helped finalize the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the National Port Authority of Cuba and the Virginia Port Authority, which could help shorten the distances between the port of Mariel the Norfolk port in the United States.

The state of Virginia is not new to the scene of Cuba, since in the course of recent years has been in charge of selling millions of dollars of products to the island, and although not the only state in this business, if will become the first port operator in the US reaching an agreement of this kind with Cuba to increase direct trade.
The Panama Canal expansion project

McAuliffe said he hoped that soon, when it inaugurated the extension made to the Panama Canal, you can use the giant ships PostPanamax to carry different products to Virginia, and from there to Cuba, later to be transferred to other Latin American nations and the Caribbean.

These statements the governor made when he met in person the Mariel Special Development Zone, which is one of the biggest economic stakes that is making the Island recently.

However, it is important to remember that this signature is not a binding contract, since there are still restrictions of the blockade, to which the governor McAuliffe, who opposes completely the embargo and travel restrictions on Americans.

Hollywood could make a difference

Since the announcement that the film franchise, Fast and Furious, would make recordings in Cuba, different producers of film and television recording bet on the island, as it is the perfect stage productions.

Therefore, the “House of Lies” series made a recording on the island for the filming of the last chapter of his fifth season, especially in the capital, and are not the only ones, also Ozzy Osbourne with his son Jack engrave a project for the History Channel in Cuba. For example envios para cuba are now easier thanks to the Obama administration removing some of the restrictions.

There are many other productions that will see the light in Cuba because the island has become a popular destination since have been normalized bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States, which could influence, in a forceful way, at the end of the blockade.

The United States has delivered on March 15 of 2.016 to publicize the flexibility that has been given regarding the use and exchange of its currency to the dollar and flexibility to travel to the island of Cuba.

With this statement the United States has removed barriers or obstacles that have existed on the island since the blockade imposed on Cuba by the government of the United States. This measure encourages further expand ties between the two countries.

United States announced that its inhabitants can, from now make trips to Cuba personal or individual type, so now any American citizen can legally go to Cuba, except to be indicated in the relevant forms for output USA that the trip will be for educational purposes and not for tourism purposes.

With this US hopes, to increase its market demand to be made according to projections for the coming months.

Among the new measures, there is also the power that will banks to perform and process all types of banking transactions coming from the government of Cuba in dollars. This prohibition was previously impossible to Cuba to make the purchase and sale of goods international type and was one of the biggest obstacles to the island. Now companies of US origin have access to any goods manufactured in Cuba.

The United States Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew; I note that this creates a greater empowerment and financial freedom to Cubans, besides strengthening ties and relations between Cuba and the United States.

And the President of the United States Obama, legalized authorization for the export of goods that are considered priority, such as parts and building components, agricultural machinery, among others.

Thus they are taking steps, with these relaxations released by President Obama, leading to strengthen the relationship between the two countries to solve and finally lift the embargo that keeps the United States to Cuba, something that as projects will not be fast, but it is the current intention of both nations. Learn more about Cuba by visiting todo cuba for daily news.

I’m planning a trip to Cuba and found some interesting articles on noticias de cuba a blog that talks about how Cuba has change in terms of the problem of prostitution in the country. The recent history of prostitution in Cuba is linked to the political and economic developments that have taken place on the island.

Before 1959 Cuba was a brothel for the USA.


Before the triumph of the Revolution, Cuba was “the brothel of the United States.” Havana at the time was the most important city in the Caribbean, and became fashionable as a tourist destination of American upper classes. Not missing the essential complement of tourism: sex, alcohol and entertainment.

There were Cuban prostitutes and brothels had, but it is difficult today to know how many prostitutes had. For Castro there were many, because they justify the Revolution in the sorry state of affairs that had in Cuba: poverty, corruption, prostitution and US domination. American companies and gangsters controlled the country and prostitution was necessary for tourism in the country which came to the island.

For the anti-Castro had only a few, very few compared with those now on the regime of Fidel Castro.

With the triumph of the revolution, prostitution is over. The Castro regime that seized power abolished prostitution at a stroke and something that boasts it had redeemed the former prostitutes providing decent work, other taught a trade or profession and some had the opportunity of study at the university.

Coinciding with the triumph of Castro’s revolution in Cuba, takes place in the world called “Sexual Revolution”, the encyclopedia Wikipedia defines it as:

“The term sexual revolution refers to the profound change occurred in the second half of the twentieth century in the Western world for the conception of sexual morality and human sexual behavior in general. Popularly the term is identified with a liberalization of customs and increasing equality between the sexes starting from the 1960s and 1970s ”

These years of revolutionary fervor in Cuba were also years of great change in sexual morality and sexual behavior. If the Sexual Revolution triumphed fully somewhere, that was Cuba. There he temporized with the Castro revolution.

DJs have always been part of the musical life of the planet but today are recognized as they were previously only known to harmonize parties only mixing existing, clear songs also took part in bars and nightclubs, but today there are DJs who are Producers also and this is the new boom; because now the DJs are even more in demand than ever before and people already know and meet more of them making it possible for them touring around the world and playing in clubs in different cities by night followed even months. Recently we spoke to dj fort myers to gather some knowledge on the subject.

Electronic music and sounds on the radio that before and all this is due to the promotion that DJs have had; as there are now internationally renowned DJs who are world famous and known, even for concerts in cities charge figures of thousands of dollars; now they are also richer than before and charge larger than they could before making shows amounts receivable.

This shows that the electronic scene, from music and of course the DJs are becoming more international fame and are demanded by the public, this creates more people become interested in electronic music and want to attend major concerts and festivals of this type . Like what leads to the realization of more festivals therefore becomes even larger bubble, so much so that DJs get to perform concert tours in different countries.

In the case of many like wedding dj naples the industry has changed a lot but these DJs that want to launch into the mainstream need to also be creators of their own music.